Been there, bought the skeptic t-shirt?

VESTED interests, including fossil fuel companies and miners, have been shown to have more than an idle hand in promoting the misrepresentation of climate science. There’s obviously some money in it.

But is there any cash to be made in climate denial itself by promoting their contrarianism as a brand in its own right? Apparently, the answer is yes.

Michael Cejnar, one of the organisers for the impending Australia-wide tour of climate change denier Lord Christopher Monckton, has seen the opportunity for a few bucks on the side and set-up an online shop to sell “Climate Skeptic” branded merchandise. T-shirts and caps are on offer.I honestly thought this was a spoof, rather like the new branded inhalers being offered by Peabody Coal on the “Coal Cares” website, but it’s all very real.

Mr Cejnar has also got another shop selling “No Carbon Tax” t-shirts. Perhaps they’ll be on offer at a few of the locations for Lord Monckton’s tour?

Surely some of the mining executives at next month’s convention of the Association of Mining and Exploration Companies, where Lord Monckton has been afforded 90 minutes to speak, will be able to spare a few dollars for a mug?

Just as a side note, as a journal which has done more than any other in Australia to promote the unscientific and debunked views of climate change deniers, it is thoroughly appropriate that the model in the photograph should be clutching a copy of The Australian.


Author: Graham

Graham Readfearn is a Brisbane-based journalist. Go to the About page in the top navigation for more information.

7 thoughts on “Been there, bought the skeptic t-shirt?”

  1. Yes, nice touch that, having The Australian tucked under the arm.

    I think it’s called product placement or somesuch.

    As for the T-shirt, very tasteful I’m sure, but I think I’ll pass on that.

    As it happens, I’m currently awaiting my mail order “Flat-Earth Society” and “I wuz kidnapped and anal-probed by Aliens” T-shirts. One or other of them should go rather nicely with my aluminium foil hat at the Monckton lectures.

    I’m sure I’ll fit right in.

  2. “Salt” should change his name to in”salt” as, if you can’t match someone liek Chris Monckton, make insults.
    As to Flat-Earthers, smithey, the deniers of the advancement of science should be described this way – many thought the Vostok Ice Core graphs showed a correlation of global temperature and Atmospheric CO2.
    However, by the time Al Gore used the graphs in his flawed Inconvenient Movie, science had realised that it was the rise in temperature that caused the rise in CO2 and not the reverse.
    Have you been left behind and are are denier and flat-earther like Al Gore? Or have you advanced with science?

  3. A pity our blogger sees fit to heavily censor posts here, which is somewhat counter to what a true libertarian should believe. Several of my posts have been not posted simply because they demur from the company line here. Isee there are 3 supporters!

    This is not real blogging Mr Readfern. It is simply looking in a mirror. Open up the blog!

    Censorship is the last bastion of the scoundrel and those with indefensible positions.

  4. Dear Graham,

    Great website, but a few things wrong – design wise.

    Since your a commie / socialist latte drinker your
    website design should be red with a star and a nice
    image of Mao Tse-Tung.

    Google images should help you with this!..


  5. Hi Graham

    Quite a funny article, thanks, appreciate your publicity. Very observant about The Australian newspaper – its placement was indeed intentional.

    Our apparel aims to foster debate. You won’t get any meaningful action on climate with a majority quietly and fearfully sceptical, so a debate is good for you as well.

    I suspect we both care for the environment and oppose the mindless consumerism of today – it’s just that in relation to cAGW, I have experience in science, peer review and modelling and I have concluded that the IPCC is too politicised and biased to be taken at face value. It has made many exaggerations, which in themselves don’t disprove cAGW, but do betray flawed and astonishingly biased processes driven by a ‘save the world’ zeal.

    I find more convincing papers and arguments from dissenting scientists like Christie, Lindsen, Spencer, Landsea, Singer, Pielke, Ball, Plimer, Michaels, Gray, Daly, Akasofu, Happer, DAleo, Segalstad, Theon, Soon, Frauenfield, Izrael, Allegre, McIntyre, McKitrick, Carter, Landsea and especially Lomborg and Curry, to name a few.

    I conclude that CO2 may warm us by up to 1 DegC, but I find no substantial physical evidence for the water vapour feedback placed in climate models to make them hindcast, so I don’t believe we should be alarmed. But I am keeping an eye on new evidence – but it’s all pointing to natural causes being bigger than IPCC models allowed for. This is all good news, I would have thought.

    These shirts may be collector’s items one day – I know you would secretly like one – so let me know your size and I will send a complimentary one 🙂

    Best regards

  6. ‘A pity our blogger sees fit to heavily censor posts here…’ – post 4, by ‘Arnie’

    I haven’t noticed that (yet).

    As for the sceptical merchandise – where can I get it? I hope they start to distribute it via the major retailers like Myer, and soon! 🙂 They have made one mistake though; the ‘No Carbon Tax’ t-shirt should actually read ‘No Carbon-Dioxide Tax’, for that is what this diabolical tax is really aimed at reducing via the resultant (and inevitable) impoverishment, unemployment and economic meltdown that is sure to follow its introduction.

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