Until such time as I come up with something approaching an official and consistent policy on comments, this is the “vibe of the thing”.

  • If all or most of your comment consists of name-calling and juvenile abuse, it’ll be deleted
  • If the comment is utterly off topic, it might be deleted, unless it sparkles with wit and intelligence
  • If it’s defamatory and without proof, then it’ll be deleted
  • If it disagrees with me, it will be welcomed in absence of contravention of the above
  • If it’s a complaint that your comment hasn’t been moderated, bear in mind I’m a human with a life, wife and children
  • If you use lots of block capitals to get all SHOUTY and angry, then it’ll get toasted

As a general rule, robust debate and a bit of banter is welcome. Telling me or someone else to go get %$#&% and such like doesn’t count. I reserve the right to be inconsistent. Extremely clever put downs may, on certain days, make it through the filter.