All those OMICS linked companies in one place

So I’ve been spending a bit too much time in recent weeks knee deep in dodgy “open access” journals for some stories I hope to get up in the not too distant future

Predatory “open access” journals are popping up all over the place – online-based publications that allow researchers to publish papers for a fee, in return for offering a peer-review and copy-checking service that’s shonky at best.

One company facing such allegations is OMICS International. The US government’s Federal Trade Commission is currently pursuing OMICS in court on allegations that their journals and conferences are guilty of deceptive marketing practices.  OMICS denies the charges.  A lawyer at FTC has confirmed to me that the case is currently in the “discovery” stage, ending in early March 2018.

I’ve written a few pieces now where OMICS has been involved. The more I look, the more trading names I find.

This blog post is really a way to record and document these multiple trading names associated with OMICS and its managing director Srinubabu Gedela. Continue reading “All those OMICS linked companies in one place”