The Anthropocene – a special Brisbane Writers Festival podcast edition

Panelists at the brisbane Writers festival discuss the anthropocene
Panelists at the Brisbane Writers Festival discuss the anthropocene

Will it be the sudden emergence in rock strata of layers of chicken bones, the well dispersed deposits of plastic or the leftovers from nuclear bomb tests?

It could be all of these things, and more, that scientists will use to mark the beginning of a new geological epoch made entirely by humans.

Personally, I’d offer up the leaf-blower.

But anyway, back in September I chaired a session at the Brisbane Writers Festival featuring University of California economist Clair Brown, landscape manager Charles Massy and public intellectual and author Professor Clive Hamilton.

Despite my presence, the session was sold out. But the organisers UPLIT were good enough to pass on the audio.  So now you can hear it, repurposed as the latest episode of my Positive Feedback podcast.

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Author: Graham

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