Introducing Alex Jones, the rage machine who thinks Hillary Clinton “Smells of Sulphur” and global warming is a total hoax

alex-jonesIn case you didn’t know, there are people on Hillary Clinton’s security detail who think that she’s a “demon possessed” because she “smells like sulphur”.

President Obama smells like sulphur too and, apparently, the internet is awash with photographs and images of the president in crowded rooms where he is the only person to have flies land on him.

“We are dealing with demons here.”

Welcome, ladies and gentleman of the internet, to the scratch n’ sniff world according to Alex Jones, the walking and almost always yelling one-stop shop for all your New World Order global government conspiracy needs.

Jones runs a US media site called and is commonly referred to as a “conspiracy theorist”, because he is one. Rolling Stone magazine has described him as “the most paranoid man in America”.

Trump supporter Jones has hit the news in recent days for his crazy-balls comments about the Democratic nominee for President made on his Alex Jones Show.

In a follow-up video on his Facebook page, Jones added: “Psychopaths are known to not have good hygiene. They (Obama and Clinton) are literal demons.”

Jones has been shouting at microphones for the best part of 20 years and in some ways, it’s entertaining to watch him rail against everything if only for the morbid expectation that you might actually witness a man actually explode mid-sentence.

This Jones makes Sydney talkback host Alan Jones look positively docile.

But like Sydney’s Jones, Texas’ Jones thinks human-caused climate change is a right old scam.

Alex Jones is convinced that climate change is part of a New World Order plot to steal people’s freedom.

He says the world’s climate is controlled entirely by the sun and has described anyone part of the movement to cut greenhouse gas emissions as being part of “a criminal gang”.

Before the 2015 United Nations climate talks in Paris, Jones delivered an “epic rant” where he screamed how the sun was “the complete driver” of the climate. And when I say he screamed, he really caps lock SCREAMED.

Jones has interviewed a stack of climate science denialists on his show. While Jones’ favourite climate science denialist to interview is Lord Christopher Monckton, others include Marc Morano, John Coleman and James Delingpole.

This is all hilarious, of course, until you see just how many followers Jones has got.

His YouTube account has 1.6 million subscribers, and 432,000 people follow him on Twitter. He has 1.2 million ‘likes’ on his Facebook page.

According to internet analysts at SimilarWeb, Jones’ website gets 37 million page views a month — that’s more than outlets like Vanity Fair and puts the conspiracy theorist’s following on a par with The New Yorker.

The website of one of the world’s leading science publishers, Nature, gets just 19 million page views a month.

Jones looks as though he is growing his audience too. Infowars increased its monthly page views by 10 million between February and August this year, according to those same stats at SimilarWeb.

Jones is a big fan of news aggregator Matt Drudge, whose website, the Drudge Report, is the second ranked media outlet in the United States with about 1.3 billion page views a month.

The Drudge report will often link to stories that try and disparage the need to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Drudge links to Jones in his blogroll.

Jones’ site is part of the growing ecosystem of media outlets pushing the public discourse on climate change to its extremes. I’m thinking of you Breitbart, the Daily Caller, World Net Daily, and several corners of the Murdoch media empire.

None of them, though, can hold a candle to the flame throwing rage of Alex Jones and his hatred for climate scientists and his love of conspiracies (and the line of alternative health supplements he pushes).

But such is the generous nature of the internet, that it has also thrown up some conspiracy theories about Jones. Conspiracies about the conspiracy theorist.

Let’s just say that the legendary comedian Bill Hick’s didn’t die.

They have pictures of teeth. TEETH.

Author: Graham

Graham Readfearn is a Brisbane-based journalist. Go to the About page in the top navigation for more information.