Monckton’s climate trickery revealed

CLIMATE Denial Crock of the Week video journalist Peter Sinclair offers some of the most lucid and clear presentations debunking climate change deniers available anywhere.

He’s recently turned his attention to Lord Christopher Monckton, who is heading back to Australia in late June 2011 for a second nationwide tour. See my piece on ABC’s The Drum, which shows how last time, Lord Monckton was backed by some of Australia’s mining royalty.

Sinclair finds that the best way to debunk Monckton, is to use the man himself. This video reveals Monckton’s tricks of cherry-picking data, misrepresenting science papers and using short-term trends. Sinclair forces Monckton to give up his sources and finds him wanting. Sometimes, Monckton seems to just plain make stuff up.

There are three more in Peter Sinclair’s series. Follow the links for parts two, three and four.


Author: Graham

Graham Readfearn is a Brisbane-based journalist. Go to the About page in the top navigation for more information.

3 thoughts on “Monckton’s climate trickery revealed”

  1. Yes, I guess Christopher has a propensity to exaggerate and be selective as a means to engage a non-scientific audience, a similar trait to the great AGW promulgator Al Gore in this respect perhaps, but Al got a Nobel peace prize for his efforts. Christopher’s ability to draw personal attacks from those who disagree with his views is natural I suppose and they are not any more vitriolic than those aimed at thoroughly well qualified and respected scientists such as Richard Lindzen. In both cases, play the man not the ball.

    Whatever you believe, or however you interpret small temperature anomalies, saying that the last decade is the hottest on record ignores the fact that you could have said that of the 1920’s, 30’s & 40’s, but unlike those non-CO2 induced decades, there has been apparently no increase in the warming trend over the last ten years!

  2. It looks like the Peoples Front Of Judea in the Life of Brian or was that the Judean Peoples Front. If there is a silly church, should we be arguing with them or taking on the Romans? Anyway blessed are the big noses.

  3. Sorry for late reply there Douglas, been busy. My position is not one for or against heroes but for health; health of individual, community, busniess and environment.

    Every bit of training I have had in business and government tells me that the current debate is about sustaining a technology ( fossil fuel energy) past its healthy used by date. This is unhealthy for business as margins not emerging from intellectual property are reduced to come from scale ( done ), distribution efficiences ( done ), rigging markets ( are we there yet).

    The rest is the rest but the battle is over moving industry on to the next wave. Health and opportunity for the many or the few, that’s all that is really at stake here and the Noddys speaking on both sides are just proxies for those directions.

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